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Whirlpool pump 0,81kW  1,1HP  230V 50Hz / Pompa wodna 0,81kW 1,1HP 230v 50 Hz



DRM 80 motor label data
max. Hm 9,5
max. l/min 295
~1 Amp. 3,7
HP 1,1
Kw 0,81

Pump and motor features
• Pump for hydro massage systems with multifunctional electronic controls.
• WITH UNIONS: straight for the suction and ‘T’ for the delivery.
• Motor: externally fan cooled aluminium casing.
• Protection class IP X5.
• Incorporated thermal overload switch with automatic reset.
• Impeller made out of NORYL–PPOGFN.
• Carbon/ceramic mechanical seal.
• NBR seals and O-rings.
• This model can be supplied with a smooth attack hose diameter 50